At IronWorks Gear, our focus is on educating and informing men and women for whom self-defense is a priority and purpose. It's our mission to develop an unparalleled range of self-defense products that allow them to fulfill that purpose for themselves, the people whom they serve, and the people they love.

Who needs a tactical pen? People who choose to be responsive and prepared in all situations: business and teaching professionals, law enforcement and medical professionals, retail shop owners and stay at home parents. Our customers cover the career gambit but whatever their vocation, they love the functionality of our pen and the fact that is was developed in collaboration with law enforcement, military, and self defense experts.

Our pens are designed in the USA and developed in collaboration with law enforcement, military and self defense professionals. Additionally, our pen is widely used by business professionals who love its functionality.

IronWorks Gear is comprised of a passionate team with expertise across numerous industries whose mission is to bring the best self defense products to the market. We pride ourselves on educating our consumer with the best self defense products techniques for men and women alike.

The IronWorks Gear Tactical Pen is lifetime warranted against any defects. Rest assured that if you are not satisfied with our pen, we guarantee your money back.

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